L lysine sulphate
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L lysine sulphate
Premium ingredient co.,ltd supplies 70% L Lysine sulphate feed grade to optimise the amino acid profile of diets in order to promote animal growth.
L-Lysine Sulfate Feed Grade 70%

【Desciption】Lysine is an essential amino acids that is used in nucleic acids synthesis, hydrocarbon metabolism and production of antibodies, hormones and ferments.  L-Lysine sulphate is widely used in the feed industry to optimise the amino acid profile of diets in order to improve animal performance.

【Feature】Brown or light brown granule, odorless, no obvious smell

【Chemical formula】(C6H14N2O2)2H2SO4

Relative molecular weights】390.4


【Shelf-life】24 months

【Storage and transport】Stored in cool, dry ,airy and pollution-free in-door place. Prevent from rain and sunshine. Keep away from poisonous, harmful and mordant materials during transportation and storage. Piled up the products in proper hight and keep at lease 10 cm distance between the products and floor and wall. In the process of transportation, avoid rain and sun, with no toxic, hazardous, corrosive substances mixed.

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