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valine is an essential amino acid, meaning that it is not able to be biosynthesized in the human body. It must therefore be obtained through dietary sources, primarily meat.

The most common uses of L-valine in health supplements relates to its role in muscle synthesis and maintenance. Additional uses of L-valine include stress management, growth in children and support of the immune system. It always works with isoleucine and leucine as a branched chain amino acids.

valine is also a feed additive intended to balance poultry diets for valine. The main biological function is its involvement in muscle protein synthesis, i.e. it is used by muscles as an energy source. As a result, the growth rates of farm animals increase in the natural way.

Product: L-Valine

Cas no.: 72-18-4

Molecular Formular: C5H11NO2

Molecular Weight: 117.15
AJI92 Quality standard

USP30 Quality standard 

feed grade

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