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Alanine is a nonessential amino acid, Alanine is one of the most widely used for protein construction and is involved in the metabolism of tryptophan and vitamin pyridoxine. Alanine is an important source of energy for muscles and central nervous system, strengthens the immune system, helps in the metabolism of sugars and organic acids, and displays a cholesterol-reducing effect in animals

Product: L-Alanine

CAS NO.: 56-41-7

Molecular Formula:  C3H7NO2

Molecular Weight:  89.09

Identification, (IR) Positive
Assay (C3H7NO2) ,%(on dried basis) 99.0~101.0
Specific rotation +14.3°~ +15.°
State of solution, % 98.0
Chloride(as Cl),% =<0.020
Ammonium (as NH4),% =<0.02
Sulphate (as SO4),% =<0.020
Iron(as Fe), ppm =<10
Heavy metals (as Pb), ppm =<10
Arsenic(as As2O3), ppm =<1
Other amino acids Meets the requirements
Loss on drying, % =<0.20
Residue on ignition(as sulphated ash), % =<0.10
pH value (1.0g/20mL water) 5.7~6.7

AJI97 Quality Standard 

USP30 Quality Standard 

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