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What are the uses of dl-alanine in food industry, pharmaceutical industry?

Premium ingredient co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer or supplier of dl-alanine, Which is a kind of amino acid, widely used in food process industry and pharmaceutical industry.

1. In pharmaceutical industry, DL-Alanine is a amino acid which is building block of protein. Alanine is an important source of energy for muscles and central nervous system, strengthens the immune system, helps in the metabolism of sugars and organic acids, and displays a cholesterol-reducing effect in animals.

2. In food process industry, DL-alanine is as nutrition supplements and seasoning to serve the foods.

2.1 With the special sweet taste, dl-alanine can improve taste of artificial sweetener, organic acid and vinegar. It is also used in pickled vegetables and pickle.

2.2 As acid improver and buffer, dl-alanine could be used in wine or soft drink to improve the taste.

2.3 With the antioxidant, dl-alanine could be used in a variety of food processing, such as oil, egg yolk sauce, grains, soy sauce dipping food, rice bran preservative food, instant noodles etc. to improve the flavor and prolong the shelf life.

Product: DL-Alanine

CAS NO.: 302-72-7

Molecular Formula:  C3H7NO2

AJI97 Quality Standard 

FCC4 Quality Standard 

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