sodium ascorbate
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sodium ascorbate
Premium ingredient co.,ltd supplies sodium ascorbate to serve the field of food and feed. The quality conforms to BP, USP, FCC, EP. It's produced by the over 10-year-experience factory and accredited ISO, GMP, FAMI-QS, halal, kosher.

Sodium Ascorbate USP/BP/FCC/EP

[Other Name] vitamin C sodium, L-ascorbic acid sodium

[description]: Sodium ascorbate is white to light yellow crystalline solid, odorless, slightly salty. 1g products can be dissolved in 2mL water. Decomposition temperature of 218 ℃, stable in dry conditions, deepen in color when exposed to light, slowly oxidized and decomposed in moisture or in aqueous solution. More soluble in water than ascorbic acid (62g/100mL), 10% aqueous solution pH is about 7.5. Use of vitamin supplements, antioxidants.

[Packing] 25kg/carton box,25kg/drum

The main application fields:
1. meat: as color additives to maintain color.
2. fruit storage: extend shelf life.
3. canned products: add to the soup before canning to maintain color and flavor.
4. bread: keep the color, natural flavor and extend shelf life.
5. as additives in nutrient.
6. feed additives.

[Shelf life]18 months

[Storage conditions] Shade, under seal, dry, ventilation, pollution-free, not in the open air, under 30 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 75%. Can not be stored with toxic, corrosive, volatile or stink items.

[Transportation] Handle with care in transportation, sun and rain prevention, cannot be mixed, transported and stored with toxic, corrosive, volatile or stink items.

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