Agmatine sulfate
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Agmatine sulfate
Premium ingredient co.,ltd supplies high quality agmatin sulphate from China. Agmatine is a form of amino acid that derives from L-Arginine. Agmatine sulfate is used in general health supplement and enhance sports performance, Agmatine supplement controls cellular energy levels by influencing polyamine metabolism and function.

Product name: Agmatine Sulfate

Cas No.: 2482-00-0

EINECS No.: 219-617-3

Molecular formula : C5H16N4O4S

 Assay:98% Min

Molecular Weight: 228.270

Description : white powder

Melting point : 234-238° C

Solubility: soluble in water, almost insoluble in ethanol.

Uses:  used as drugs, nutritional supplements, food and beverage additives. 

Packing : 25kg/ drum

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