Ascorbyl palmitate
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Ascorbyl palmitate
Ascorbyl Palmitate is the oil soluble form of Vitamin C also known as Vitamin C Ester, facilitated by bonding with palmitic acid. Because it is oil soluble, and nonacid, it is much more stable than the water soluble form of Vitamin C,

Ascorbyl Palmitate is commonly used in food as a source of vitamin C and as a natural preservative for oils, vitamins and colors. Ascorbyl Palmitate is also widely used in cosmetic products.

 1. Product name: ascorbyl palmitate. 
    General name: vitamin C palmitate

    Description: White to yellow white powder. 
   Solubility: Very slightly soluble in water and vegetable oils and soluble in alcohol. 
    Melting Range: Between 107°C to 117°C.

2. Molecular formula: C22H38O7  Molecular weight: 414.56

3. Identification numbers

 E number: 304

    CAS number: 137-66-6

4. Pharmacopeia for reference: BP, EP, NF, FCC.