l-glutathione oxidized
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l-glutathione oxidized
Oxidized glutathione is a glutathione dimer formed by a disulfide bond between the cysteine sulfhydryl side chains during the course of being oxidized. Functions:

1. Protect Liver and detoxicant.
Chemotherapy (cisplatin, cyclophosphamide amine, azithromycin, Daunorubicin, and bleomycin) adjuvant, can mitigate the damage does not affect the efficacy of chemotherapy, thereby increasing the dose of chemotherapy. L-Glutathione Oxidized as a substitute, mainly treatment of small cell lung cancer, hepatitis and adjuvant chemotherapy.
2.Biochemical reagent
The effect on protein refolding was very significant.
As the manufacturer and supplier of l-glutathione, our assay is 98% up.

Product Name: L-Glutathione oxidized  


CAS Number: 27025-41-8

EC Number: 248-170-7


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