D,L-α-Hydroxymethionine calcium
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D,L-α-Hydroxymethionine calcium
α-ketoacids supply the essential amino acids and reduce the intake of ammonia nitrogen., There are four common forms, D,L-α-Hydroxymethionine Calcium,α-Ketoleucine Calcium, D,L-α-Ketoisoleucine Calcium, α-Ketovaline Calcium and α-Ketophenylalanine Calcium, they are always work together. Ketone or hydroxyamino acid does not contain amidogen, which can help them utilize the nitrogen from non-essential amino acids to transfer into amino acids. This can reduce the synthesis of urea as well as the accumulation of the uremic toxic products. Ketone or hydroxyamino does not cause the ultrafiltration of remnant nephron, alleviate the renal hyperphosphatemia and secondary hyperparathyroidism and improve the status of renal osteodystrophy.

Product name: D,L-α-Hydroxymethionine Calcium
Molecular formula:C10H18CaO6S2
CAS #:4857-44-7
Alias: 2-Hydroxy-4-(methylthio)butyric acid calcium salt; calcium bis[2-hydroxy-4-(methylsulfanyl)butanoate]; D,L-α-Hydroxymethionine Calcium 
To use: bulk drug of compund α-keto acid tablet. 
Appearance: white or almost white white crystal powder. 

Molecular formula: C10H18CaO6S2

Molecular weight: 338.45
Structural formula:


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