DL-Malic Acid
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DL-Malic Acid
Malic acid is a substance found naturally in apples and pears. It's considered an alpha-hydroxy acid. In food, malic acid may be used to acidify or flavor foods or prevent food discoloration. In cosmetic, Malic acid helps reduce problems such as pigmentation, acne or skin aging. In diet supplement, malic acid creates energy.

Product name: DL-Malic Acid

Cas No.: 6915-15-7

Chemical Name

DL-hydroxy butanedioic acid

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Assay(as C4H6O5)


Specific Rotatio 

-0.10 to +0.10

Arsenic [as As]

2mg/kg Max


2mg/kg Max

Fumaric Acid

1.0% Max

Fumaric Acid

1.0% Max

Maleic Acid

0.05% Max

Water-insoluble Matter

0.1% max

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