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Product name: glycocyamine
Other name: Guanidineacetic Acid, guanidinoacetate, glycocyamine, guanidinoacetic acid, N-Amidinoglycine; N-Guanylglycine
CAS NO.: 352-97-6
EINECS No.: 206-529-5
Molecular Formula: C3H7N3O2
Molecular Weight: 117.10

1) Glycocyamine(Guanidineacetic Acid) is an energy enhancer, which can improve the body energy, especially high physical strength and long time Physical exercise, it show the good effect in improving athletic intensity. Just like creatine as but no the related side effects.

2) According to engineer’s information, formulate with betaine, glycocyamine(Guanidineacetic Acid) can be a food additive that treat muscle weakness.

3) Glycocyamine(Guanidineacetic Acid) can be used as the intermediates of organic synthetic.

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